Providing a cozy and comfortable setting


Check out a variety of tents that fit your camping style,
including living room, one-touch, and alpine.

The perfect camping space


Meet the camping equipment that provides portability and expandability for various applications.

Completeness is fundamental.


With Kovea's long-standing technology, experience a variety of gas appliances
with guaranteed convenience and stability.

Provides the best sleep

Sleeping bag/Mat

Designed to help you recover from daily fatigue with comfort and convenience.

Basics of the outdoors

Outdoor Cooking

As a necessity for outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, and camping,
you can find a variety of products for 1 to 10 or more people.

Provider of secure lighting


Experience stability without risk of fire, battery ranch, and
essential item in professional sports and daily life.

Making Fishing life enjoyable


Feel the vividness that comes from the tip of your hand with Kovea's fishing gear.